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Enables the vehicle to pass from fuel to gas or from gas to fuel.
Shows the fuel level within the tank with the leds, in compliance with world
standarts, automatically stops the gas flow when the vehicle stops.
For the vehicles with carburetor.
Command is working CNG sensor.

Function of 3 positioned switch on the product:

I ) Numbered position operates the vehicle with fuel.
0 ) Numbered position is used to cut the electric current of the fuel gas system
until the fuel within the vehicle's carburetor chamber is discharget during the
transition from fuel to gas.(in case if directly passed to gas when there is fuel in
the vehicle's carburetor, the event that we call as rich feeding realizes and the
vehicle is shaken and choke due to the excessive and unbalanced fuel feeding.)
II ) Numbered position is for passing to gas system.

Suppy Voltage: 12 - 14 V (DC)
Electronic Key Box Dimensions
Height: 26 mm
Length: 53,5 mm
Width: 59 mm