LPG Elektroniği'nde Türkiye'nin Lider Firması


CNG Enjeksiyonlu Kumanda

I -  When the switch is on left position, the vehicle works directly with gasoline.
0 -  When the switch is in the middle, device directly works with gas. ( Advised
       to use just an benzine free condition)
II - When the switch is on the right position, the vehicle is in gas position, but
       the vehicle has to reach 1500 - 3000 revolution to get into gas position.
       It will get into gas after the vehicle reaches the required revolution.

Note: The revolution adjustment of the vehicle can be made a thin-end
          screwdriver from the trimpot.

Suppy Voltage:   12 - 14 V (DC)

Electronic Key Box Dimensions
Height:    26 mm
Length:   53,5 mm
Width:    59 mm