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Enables the vehicle to pass from fuel to gas or from gas to fuel.
Shows the fuel level within the tankwith the leds, in compliance with world
standarts, automatically stops the gas flow when the vehicle stops.
For the vehicles with injection.
Command is working CNG sensor.

Function of 3 positioned switch on the product:

I - When the switch is on left position, the vehicle works directly with gasoline.
0 - When the switch is in the middle, device directly works with gas. ( Advised
to use just an benzine free condition)
II - When the switch is on the right position, the vehicle is in gas position, but
the vehicle has to reach 1500 - 3000 revolution to get into gas position.
It will get into gas after the vehicle reaches the required revolution.
Note: The revolution adjustment of the vehicle can be made a thin-end
screwdriver from the trimpot.

Suppy Voltage: 12 - 14 V (DC)
Electronic Key Box Dimensions
Height: 26 mm
Length: 53,5 mm
Width: 59 mm